Standard Repairing

Inter-Épfu MAN servicing official prices per hour:  
Truck Mechanic:                               8490 HUF+VAT
Truck Electrician:                              8490 HUF+VAT
Truck-body locksmith:                       8490 HUF+VAT
Polisher:                                          8490 HUF+VAT
We mainly service MAN-made products in our workshop. We also do servicing for the MAN trucks in the garanty-time and of course after it. Besides this, it is available to be serviced other kind of trucks, just like Mercedes, DAF, Iveco in order to satisfy our clients.
We use BP and Castrol products, sluches by verified the MAN factory for the truck mainenance. 
Below you find the price lists for th BP and Castrol slushes:
Engine oil price table:
Oil Type                             MAN standard        Motor type                    Price
BP Vanellus E6 15W40                      MAN3275                 Euro2                      1250 HUF+VAT / liter*
BP Vanellus E7 10W40                      MAN3277                 Euro3                      1590 HUF+VAT / liter*
BP Vanellus ECO 10W40                   MAN3477                 Euro3 CRT,4,5         1795 HUF+VAT / liter*
Gear oil price table:
Oil Type                                MAN standard        Motor type               Price
BP Energear HT 80W90                        MAN3345              Differential           1495 HUF+VAT / liter*
Castrol Syntrans Max 75W80              MAN341SL+          Change gear          2595 HUF+VAT/ liter*
*We offer discounts from the prices above to our constant/steady partners!
We make a bid and tacheometer for our customers if they want.