Injector Examination

Injector examination is also available for MAN trucks with Common Rail motors in our workshop. In the course of the examination we detect which injector caused the problem. For the exact problem solution, we have a CR Bag, DLS tester and a computer. 
The price of the examination:

D08 4 barrel:     10.000,- HUF+VAT*

D20 6 barrel:     10.000,- HUF+VAT*

D28 6 barrel:     32.900,- HUF+VAT*

V8:                   10.000,- HUF+VAT*

*The examination price do not include the half an hour construction time ( 3450 HUF+VAT)

In case of the injector's change we have to change the delivery-pipe according to the MAN regulations/standars!

Injector SALE price: 119.340,- HUF+VAT (TGA,TGX)


The price above is only informative!

For further information, please call this phone number: +36-24/525-785