Clutch Repairing

Our workshop assume to change the MAN autotruck's clutch. In the course of the repairing, we take down the cardan-shaft and the automatic gear. After detecting the problem, we make a bid for the expectable cost.  

Clutch Repairing for lower prices!

Because of the parts of the clutch are under huge charging, it is very important to use the most appropriate parts. 
The original MAN components are on to help you with the advantageous prices and high quality in order to be able the profitable operating.  Do not risk your transport task that you do not reach the destination on time. 

Our advantageous proposal: 


TGL clutch kit                              from 193.145 HUF+VAT

TGA D20 clutch kit                       from 206.905 HUF+VAT

TGA D20 clutch kit Tipmatic          from 211.235 HUF+VAT

TGA D28 clutch kit                       from 164.920 HUF+VAT

L200 clutch kit                            from 193.145 HUF+VAT

 The contents of the clutch set: clutch disk, clutch structure, release bearing, installer-kit.