Tachograf Examination

As of the Trans-Automat Kft. official contracted partner, we fulfill the tachografs insertion orders bi-annual. If it is necessarry we perform the periodic examinations and sexennial examinations. 
The time of the procedures above: 
Tachograf insertion: 1,5-2 hour
Tachograf periodic examination and insertion: 2,5-3 hour 
Costs (without repairing): 
Insertion: 1318 tachograf                 16.000 HUF+VAT 
Insertion: 1324 tachograf                 18.000 HUF+VAT 
Insertion: 1381 tachograf                 20.000 HUF+VAT 
Periodic examination:                       6.500 HUF+VAT 
    KTCO 1318 (EC)                                  MTCO 1324
Analogous tachograf appliance            Modular Analogous tachograf
Digital data recording tachograf
Naturally, we repair the tachografs. We can establish the cost and the time of the repairing after take apart the appliance.